DJ Gear

At SAP, we specialize in backline rentals and are unlimited in our supply!  Our inventory consists of top brands and quality gear.  As touring musician and engineers, we understand and emphasize the importance of rehearsing with the same quality gear used in a performance, and offer you a one stop shop solution.

Our goal is to provide your team outstanding service and gear, the same we expect when in your shoes.  Routine maintenance tests are performed weekly to ensure our equipment is operating at top levels, prior to all rentals.

Turntables & Mixers

Pioneer DJM – 600
Pioneer DJM – 800
Pioneer DJM – 900
Pioneer CDJ – 900
Pioneer CDJ – 1000
Pioneer CDJ – 2000

Rane TTM57 Mixer
Rane 62 Mixer

Technic 1200 Turntables